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NISR Research Grants List 2001

Project Leader Organization
Title of Project
Sueharu Horinouchi The University of Tokyo
Fermentation of flavonoids by microorganisms that contain an artificial biosynthetic gene cluster
Yoshiyuki Kamio Tohoku University
Mechanism of oxygen tolerance in lactic acid bacteria -Function of peroxidase and new iron binding protein, Dpr in oxidative stress-
Tetsuo Kobayashi Nagoya University
Characterization and possible application of the isomaltose-producing enzyme involved in Taka-amylase A induction in aspegilli
Akinori Ohta The University of Tokyo
Analysis of adaptation mechanism to low temperature and of low temperature-inducible genes in yeast
Yasuyoshi Sakai Kyoto University
Antioxidant system within yeast peroxisomes which protect organellar membrane

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