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NISR Research Grants List 2003

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Harushi Nakajima The University of Tokyo
Cell surface engineering in Aspergillus oryzae
Hirofumi Shoun The University of Tokyo
Basic research on unique cytochromes P450 of fungi directed to application to industrial productions
Masao Tokunaga Kagoshima University
Development of highly soluble enzymes adopting the structural characteristics of halophilic enzymes
Masaaki Wachi Tokyo Institute of Technology
Regulation of gene expression by RNA-binding protein Hfq in Escherichia coli
Yoh Wada Osaka University
Development of novel biological functions in yeast-mammalian hybrid vacuoles

NISR Young Investigator Research Grants 2003

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Shin Haruta The University of Tokyo
Molecular biological studies on microbial community in traditional fermentation of rice vinegar
Takane Katayama Kyoto University
Studies of proteins involved in the aromatic amino acids metabolism in bacteria
Jun-ichi Maruyama The University of Tokyo
Functional analysis of A. oryzae HexA involved in Woronin body formation
Hiroyasu Onaka Toyama Prefectural University
Studies on the mode of action and the biosynthesis of goadsporin which induces secondary metabolism and sporulation in streptomycetes
Yumiko Takatsuka Tohoku University
Molecular characterization and possible application of a major envelope protein from the rumen anaerobe Selenomonas ruminantium
Shinji Takenaka Kobe University
Characterization of aerobic denitrification mechanism in Klebsiella pneumoniae strain F-5-2 that can utilize ammonium and nitrate ions simultaneously and application of nitrifying and denitrifying processes to wastewater treatment

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