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NISR Research Grants List 2004

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Seiji MASUDA Kyoto University
Development of efficient recombinant protein expression system via mRNA export mechanism
Yoshihiro SAMBONGI Hiroshima University
Function of thermostable redox proteins as thermo-electric energy converters
Hiroshi TAKAGI Fukui Prefectural University
Analysis and application of degradation mechanism of abnormal proteins by the yeast Rsp5 ubiquitin ligase
Kenji UEDA Nihon University
Case study for cultural characteristics of uncultured environmental microbes by the model analysis of a symbiotic bacterium Symbiobacterium thermophilum
Koji YODA The University of Tokyo
The process of cell wall synthesis that depends on vesicular transport

NISR Young Investigator Research Grants List 2004

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Kano KASUGA   Akita Prefectural University  
Cloning of a rpoZ-dependent transcriptional activator gene of kasT, a pathway-specific regulator of kasugamycin biosynthesis    
Shigeyuki KAWAI   Kyoto University  
Establishment of "highly efficient" transformation method of Saccharomyces cerevisiae based on molecular basis for yeast's competence 
Eiji SAKURADANI Kyoto University
Studies of metabolic engineering of useful lipid-producing microorganisms
Kazufumi TAKANO Osaka University
Adaptation to Low-temperature of a Psychrotrophic Bacterium
Futoshi TAURA Kyushu University
Production of tetrahydrocannabinol by transformed cell cultures
Rie YATSUNAMI Tokyo Institute of Technology
Enzymatic syntheses of novel oligosaccharides using haloarchaeal glycosidases 

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