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NISR Research Grants List 2007

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Makoto ASHIUCHI Kochi University
Effective synthesis of bio-nylon materials using Bacillus megaterium
Haruki KITAZAWA Tohoku University
Development of molecular immunoevaluation system for immunobiotics
Hiroshi MITSUZAWA Nihon University
Role of the fission yeast ammonium transporters in nitrogen sensing
Yasuo OHNISHI The University of Tokyo
Studies on regulation of secondary metabolism and morphogenesis of Streptomyces by DNA microarray analysis
Ryuichiro SATO The University of Tokyo
A basic and applied research on functional factors derived from fermented foods

NISR Young Investigator Research Grants List 2007

Researcher Organization
Title of Project
Masayuki HASHIMOTO Shinshu University
Lactococcus lactis chromosome engineering
Fumitaka KUDO Tokyo Institute of technology
Biosynthetic study of the unique amino acid side chain of butirosin
Tomoak MATSUURA Osaka University
Comprehensive analysis of the effect of E. coli proteins on the translation reaction and its application to protein production
Shin-ichiro NARITA The University of Tokyo
Characterization of the diversity of lipoprotein-targeting mechanisms in proteobacteria
Shuji TANI Osaka Prefecture University
Induction mechanisms of the cellulase genes in Aspergillus aculeatus
Takeo TOMITA The University of Tokyo
Elucidation of the regulatory mechanism of aspartate kinase from Corynebacterium glutamicum

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